Warranty for Stormcovers

Stormcovers are supplied with a Five (5) Year Limited Warranty. Workmanship is guaranteed and should any fault be noticed in the first 12 months of owning a Stormcover, all costs to repair and freight will be paid by Stormcovers Australia. Note that this does not cover wear and tear.

Up to 36 months after manufacturing, faulty covers will be repaired without labour charges or material costs but all freight costs are payable by the cover owner and not Stormcovers Australia.

Our guarantee to you is that we will continue to use high quality manufacturing components during the manufacturing process of Stormcovers. We reserve the right to change the design or pattern making process as we are constantly upgrading and looking for ways to improve our cover designs.

The Tyvek® lining is a sensitive part of the cover and care must be taken with cover installation as tearing can occur if dragged across surfaces and edges.

Stormcovers should always be installed onto vehicles that are clean and dirt free. Installation onto a dirty vehicle/RV could cause dirt and dust build up inside the cover. We recommend cleaning your vehicle/RV before prolonged cover usage.

Stormcovers have now been manufactured in Australia by Stormcovers Australia for over 11 years and we have had very few warranty issues with them to date.

Zips are guaranteed for 12 months and it is important that you zip on your cover carefully as this is an important part of the cover design. We only manufacture Stormcovers using high-quality YKK zippers and have never had a YKK zipper failure during the past 7 years.

You may notice that after a few years, some of the lamination lifts from the Stormcover, however, this is a normal part of its ageing process.
Stormcovers should only be cleaned gently with a soft cloth and without using any harsh chemicals. Do not use a pressure washer or gurney as they can damage the UV lamination and significantly reduce its lifespan.

You should be careful around fires and flames with a Stormcover as components are flammable.

If your cover becomes damaged over its lifespan, we recommend that you contact us prior to attempting to make any repairs or alterations yourself in the event your cover is inadvertently damaged further. We are experienced in all areas of repair and maintenance of our covers.

Lead Times for Manufacturing
When you place an order, we will usually advise an approximate amount of time it will take to manufacture your Stormcover. We work hard to complete orders by the time frame advised however sometimes matters out of our control, such as shortage of manufacturing components from our suppliers or staff taking personal leave or holidays, can affect our time estimates.

If you have a very specific deadline then you must tell us when placing your order.

When accepting your quotation and ordering a Stormcover, you accept our Terms and Conditions[link for Stormcovers T&C’s].

Care and Maintenance
Stormcovers are an investment that will provide you with many years of vehicle/RV protection as long as they are installed, handled and maintained with due care and as advised.

We are not liable for any damage caused by cover installation, so be aware that in most cases for installing covers onto vehicle/RV’s, you will need to use a step ladder in order to put the cover onto the roof. We do not recommend ever trying to drag the cover across your vehicle/RV. Instead, they should be rolled out into position.

You should not drive/tow your vehicle/RV with a Stormcover installed.

Should you find our Stormcover becoming very dirty then you should wipe it gently with a soft cloth or use our All-Purpose Cleaner [link: currently https://www.coverworld.com.au/protection/fabric-vinyl-cleaner.html]. You should never wash a Stormcover with a pressure cleaner or gurney.

Hail and Weather Protection
We do not offer guarantees against hail damage as hail is governed by nature and we cannot guarantee against natural events.

Stormcovers are designed for outside storage conditions and have excellent UV lamination built into the outer layer material. However, nothing outside will always stay looking the same over time and accordingly, Stormcovers will change their overall look. The black webbing may lose some of its black colour, but it will still remain strong and fit for purpose.

Water can penetrate the zips joining the cover panels, but Stormcovers do not have any absorbent materials so no water will soak into the cover.

Installation and Fitting
Stormcovers are a large cover and installation should be conducted with care and regard for personal safety. You will need a step ladder in order to lift the cover to the roofline for installation. Application is normally easier for two people to work together during the cover fitting process.

Limited Warranty
Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of purchased cover at the discretion of Stormcovers Australia should your Stormcover become unserviceable during its warranty period due to component failure. The exception to this is for zippers, which are covered by their own warranty conditions and must be properly looked after and maintained.